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Providing Oil Reclamation Service Since 1982 

Oil never loses its lubricating properties. It calls for the removal of solid contaminants, water, and re-blending of additives. Purified Lubricants provides these services for less. For your convenience, we guarantee the highest oil quality with more value all performed on-site. With the technology to meet and exceed ALL manufacturers’ ISO cleanliness requirements, we can exceed your oil specifications:


  • Purified Lubricants can save you 40% to 70% price per gallon savings compared to virgin oil costs.
  • You can improve your company's environmental efforts by incorporating a fully integrated oil reclamation program.
  • Convenient: You can get a firsthand look at your oil being processed on-site at your facility. Your oil stays at your facility so there are no worries about off-site handling of your fluids.
  • Quick: While most off-site reclamation companies can take 7-10 business days to return your product...our service can be completed within 1 business day. Not to mention, with our service you are receiving your own product in return instead of running the risk of receiving cross blended fluids that an off-site service may provide.


Every service call is catered to your individual company's needs and requirements. At Purified Lubricants our staff is right here to walk you through our process one step at a time and we will create a program that is custom fit to your personal application and fluid specifications. With our 24 hour 365 day emergency response you can be assured that if a situation arises we are here to assist you.

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